Being Puertorriqueña Dominicana

Die San Diego Free Press hat unter „Culture“ eine Rubrik „Books and Poetry“ und in ihr im National Poetry Month ein Gedicht des Tages. Darin vor kurzem dieses:

Sandra María Esteves is a madrina–founder– of the Nuyorican poetry movement that began operating out of East Village cafés in the 1970′s. She describes herself as a “Puerto Rican-Dominican-Boriqueña- Quisqueyana-Taino-African-American,” born and raised in the Bronx. She asks in her poem Not Neither:

Being Puertorriqueña Dominicana
Born in the Bronx, not really jibara
Not really hablando bien
But yet, not Gringa either
Pero ni portorra, pero si portorra too
Pero ni que what am I?