If they can’t take a joke

Fran Landesman


I’m not really much of a singer
I try for a high note and croak
The critics may give me the finger
But fuck ‚em if they can’t take a joke

My act is obscene and offensive
I once made a publisher choke
They can’t put me on the defensive
Fuck ‚em if they can’t take a joke

True to myself and toujours gay
That’s how I am, that’s how I’ll stay
Sometimes I fly sometimes I fall
But like they say – you can’t win ‚em all

My love life has been a fiasco
The last was a working-class bloke
I sprinkled his balls with tabasco
But fuck him if he can’t take a joke

I’ve noticed that people are staring
My lyrics disgust decent folk
But my motto is always be daring
And fuck ‚em if they can’t take a joke

In: Jill Dawson (ed.): the virago book of wicked verse. London: Virago Press, 1992. 4th ed., 1994. p. 148. Zuerst in Fran Landesman: Is it Overcrowded in Heaven? Golden Handshake, 1981.

Fran Landesman, geb. 1927 New York City, gest. 2011 Islington, UK.